Below is a list of tools we currently have to offer, more on the way! We will be expanding our tool inventory over the next few months as we continue to grow. We already have some exciting tools lined up and will share more details in the coming weeks.

  • Flux Core Welder*, welding tools (picks, magnets, clamps, brushes), and welding station (x4)
  • Aluminum Foundry*
  • Metal Drop Saw
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Vertical/Horizontal Band Saw
  • Table Grinder/Brush
  • Wood Drop Saw
  • Circular Saw
  • Table Saw*
  • Table drill press
  • South Bend Shaper
  • Table lathe
  • Table Mill
  • Anvil
  • Vices
  • Angle Grinders
  • Belt/Disc Sander
  • Power Tools
  • Mitre Saw
  • General Hand Tools

*requires team support for safety

All members will be required to show familiarity and competency with each tool prior to use, passing a basic skills test or taking a training course.

For tools that require additional hardware, the basic tooling will be provided for use (e.g. chucks, batteries) and some additional tooling will be available, but for specific tooling required for projects (i.e. drill bits, spades, end mills, etc) members will need to provide their own for their projects.

Have tools you’d like to donate or lend to the cause? Great! We provide discounts to membership for tool donation and leasing. Send us an email @ for additional information.

Images of some of the tools in the Foundery can be viewed below.