One of the exciting things we’ll be offering at the Foundery are classes on various technical skills using the tools in the Foundery. Part of our mission is to provide education on the tools we have, enabling the Baltimore community to make more!


Welding 101
This 3 hour course is designed as an introduction to welding for beginners. Students will learn how arc welding works, how to safely use the flux welder, how to safely handle material that has been welded, two types of welds/joints, and how to use a bench grinder.





Aluminum Brazing
This 3 hour class is designed as an introduction to aluminum brazing. Students will learn how to safely use a map gas torch and aluminum brazing rods to metalwork with aluminum.





Introduction to Microcontrollers
This 6 hour course (two 3 hour sessions, two consecutive Wednesdays) is designed as an introduction to microcontrollers. Students will learn how microcontrollers work and build projects that require both software and electronic hardware.



Are you good at a trade and interested in sharing your knowledge with others? Great! Drop us a line @ and set something up!